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Thursday, September 12, 2013

PostHeaderIcon PSP Party and Artistically Inclined is having a Going away Contest

We are having a Going Away tag contest for James Adams
This contest Starts September 01 and will run till September 27th at 11pm Central Standard time zone. The tags will be judge my James himself.
Here are the Rules for the Contest
600x600 size tag
Or a Forum Style tag 600x250
Staff and Members can both Compete in this contest…
Use this tube for one entry Label it JA-Contest#1 this is his “Freya” tube that he made…
 On the Second tag you can use any of his artwork.
Let’s show James our love and appreciation for all the work he has done for us over the last few years...
You can enter 2 (one with the freebie and one with a PTU tube of James) tags that’s 2 chances of winning
And boy oh boy doe we have prizes ranging from James Adams original artwork to tubes
And get this James will be judging the tags… How cool is that!!!
1st Place will get 4 Original Artwork of James plus 3 tubes
2nd Place will get 2 Original Artwork of James plus 2 tubes
3rd place will get 1 Original Artwork of James plus 1 tube
The exclusive tube’s Al Rio and Guest are not allowed
All tags must have a proper AIL License number on them, and have James on the finished tags, the tags need to be new never before seen/used/gifted made tags…
You will need to send Your tags to the Contest
 Email here contestsailicensing@gmail.com


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