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Monday, November 9, 2009

PostHeaderIcon New Graduates

Congratulations to our three latest graduate's Tiffany, Stacey and Mimi!!!

Tiffany graduated back in April and has been pretty quiet since then, but last I heard she was preggers. Anyways, I'm hoping that once the kiddo is born and she gets situated, she'll be back to play with us again! LOL! Here's to hoping things go well for her and the baby!!!

Stacey graduated back in June but I was slacking on getting things up on the blog then... so I'm doing it now!!! She did an awesome job on all her lessons and loves to help out with the new students so we promoted her and now she's doing an awesome job as an assistant section advisor!!!

Mimi blew through her lessons quicker than I think anyone has ever done and she did a great job on everything! I haven't been able to talk to her since she's graduated, but I hope she decides to hang out with us and have some fun now that her lessons are done!!!

Great job both of you gals!!!

PostHeaderIcon New Section Advisors

Well everyone, we've had a little change in the staff at PSP Party...

Crystal is no longer with us, though we wish her all the best in whatever she does.

Now... since she has gone, that leaves us the Beginner section with no teacher!

Gabby has graciously decided to take over that position AND Stacey has also decided to join the management ranks and become an Assistant Section Advisor!!!

It's been about a week now since the changes have taken place and they are both doing a fabulous job!!!

Keep up the great work ladies!!!

PostHeaderIcon New Tutorial - Passion

Ok... last one for tonight I think... the others I've done still need to be coded


Don't have too much fun JLynn!!!

PostHeaderIcon New Tutorial - Bad Girl

Here's another one... another scrap challenge from Stalkers!!!

Bad Girl


PostHeaderIcon New Tutorial - A Pirate's Life

Ok, JLynn is bugging me for tuts to do and since these are on the site already, I figured I better get them on the blog before she goes crazy with nothing to do!!!

A Pirate's Life

Here's the first one girlie!!! Have fun!!!


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