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Saturday, June 11, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Kiss My Attitude Tutorial

 Kiss My Attitude
This tutorial was written for those
that have a working knowledge of PSP

Supplies Needed
PSP- I used X3
But any version should work

Font of choice or the one I am using: 
Template from Creative Misfits Collab Kristin and Kat which you can get HERE
Scrap kit of choice or you can get the one I used by Alika’s Designs at So Sweet Scraps
The kit I am using is AS Bite Me
Mask of choice
Plugins: Xero-Radiance

Artwork is ©Susan Justice purchased through UpYourArt. However this specific tube is an exclusive commissioned tube for PSP Party Central.

Lets Begin!

Open the template-Shift D to duplicate-close original
Change the canvas size
You can resize later if you need to!
Delete the Copyright layer

Highlight white square one
go to selections – select all – float – defloat
Open Paper18
Copy and Paste as a new layer
selections – invert – select none
Delete white square one

repeat above steps for copy of white square two

Select the radiating layer
choose a color from your tube
grab your magic wand
click in the center of the radiating layer
flood fill with color of choice

Select the pink circle frame
Selections-Select All-Float-Defloat
new layer – flood fill with color of choice
Selections-Select None
Delete the original pink circle frame
go to adjust – and add/remove noise – add noise
with the following settings
Uniform – Monochrome – 100

Highlight the Aqua Circle Layer
Selections-select all-float-defloat
Copy and Paste paper 12 as a new layer
Delete on the keyboard
Select None
Delete Original Aqua Circle layer

Highlight white rectangle
Selections-select all-float-defloat
Copy and paste paper 17
Delete on Keyboard
Select none
Delete original white rectangle layer

Highlight the rectangle layer you just made
Go to adjust-add/remove noise-add noise
Same settings as before

Repeat above steps for white rectangle 2

Highlight the white circle layer
Selections-select all-float-defloat
Copy and paste paper 10 as a new layer
Delete on the keyboard
Select none
Delete original white circle layer

Delete lips layer

Highlight the circle layer you just did
Selections-Select all-float-defloat
Copy and Paste tube of choice as a new layer
Position above your circle layer
Delete on the keyboard
Select None

Duplicate tube layer
On original tube layer – go to adjust-blur-Gaussian blur
Radius of 3.00
Go to copy of tube layer
Settings of choice
Change blend mode to hard light

Add elements of choice
Resize if needed
Add your copyright information and license number if one is required
Add your name
Safe and your done!


Illustration store PicsForDesign.com

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Thanks in advance!

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