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Monday, June 27, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Updated.... finally!

Whew! I spent all weekend working on our PSP Party Central blog and I must say, (you know, even though I do say so myself, and I do!) that it looks great!!  The header is all MindyMae, she created it and it's lovely!  Even though I wondered how I could come up with something to match, it turned out I was able to 'see' her vision and this is what we've created!  Honestly, I love it! I think it looks really good with those neon green flourishes at the side and the textured surface.  It really all came together and I couldn't be more pleased!  

Enjoy your visit here, have a look around and come on over to PSP PPC and play with us!  It's tons of fun and we have lots to do.  Challenges, both daily and weekly as well as games you can play daily.  Not to mentions tons of possible tag pressies! And who doesn't like surprise presents by some of the most creative taggers anywhere!  I know I do!! Some come on over and play... you can earn EXCLUSIVE tubes just for having fun! Heck no I'm not lyin'! LOL  Posts, tag creations, and just generally having fun earns you Party Points.  Party Points can be spent to "buy" our exclusive tubes.  Who do we have? Oh Arthur Crowe, The Hunter... just to name two!  We have others so come on by and check it out!

Have a great day and thanks for visiting!
Sassy ♥


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