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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

PostHeaderIcon New Tutorial - Maneater

I love how this one turned out... I think it's my favorite one to date...

PostHeaderIcon September is gonna be GREAT!!!

We have some great stuff going on with the group this month, including some great contests and especially the new format for classes!

First off, we are bringing back the old challenge format. Basically, this just means that the moderators are each assigned a day of the week and a theme and then they will send in the challenge of the day. This is going to be great fun once we get everyone working on them again!

And as usual, we have our monthly contest... except this month, we have two. The main contest is to create a Halloween tag. The second one is to create a Halloween web layout for the Party website... and I'm even thinking about putting the second one on the blog to let some of our fans participate also!

Special thanks again to Monti of Monti's Pixel Playground for being our special guest judge for August's contest. You're a doll hon and I owe ya bigtime!!!

The new format for class is almost done! There are a few more things that need to be tweaked on the site and it'll be totally ready to go! I myself am excited to get it going so we can get the students in there and learning in a REAL school environment!!! And the great thing... it's FREE!!! We don't charge for our services, we do all this because we love PSP!!!

Oh and if you go to the website and a couple of the links are broken, don't worry... they will be fixed soon. I am trying to make sure that Party is 100% copyright compliant and a few of the tuts have been hidden until I can get them corrected. Once they are 100% compliant, I will have them back up and running!

So things are definitely looking up for Party and we are happy to say that things are just getting better!!! Hope to see you around and enjoy!!!


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