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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

PostHeaderIcon New Tutorial - Wonderland

Just click the tag to go to the tut...
Tuesday, August 2, 2011

PostHeaderIcon New Tutorial - Smart

Just click on the tag to take you to the tut!

PostHeaderIcon New Tutorial - Adorable

Just click on the tag to take you to the tut!!!
Monday, August 1, 2011

PostHeaderIcon New Exclusive Tube and Kit Tutorial - Kinky Angel!

Mindy had asked if anyone on CT was available to make a tag for our
August VIP - Congrats Anni!
I happened to be up itching (Hives - bummer) so I created this tag:
Click the image to view proper copyright, credits and license

I decided to write a tut for it, since I was up again (itching still)
so please forgive me if it is not perfect!  LOL

You can find the tut here.

Do you know just how easy it is to earn your own exclusive tubes at PPC?  Do some challenges, get caught by the Party Pixie...  play some games, but come in and join the Party and earn that Party Cash!
Spend it at the PSP Party Central SHOP - yes the exclusive tubes are in there!!
Check it out!
Because you know...
we want you to have our tubes!!
Use them, show them off, invite your friends (but DO NOT SHARE!!)
Get yours now!!



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