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Saturday, February 19, 2011

PostHeaderIcon New PTU Tutorial - Comfy Coffeehouse

Just click the tag to take you to the tut...
Friday, February 18, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Our first Exclusive Tube!

Come check out our very first exclusive tube from 
Saad Salman Zia!

To be able to receive the Dancer tube, you MUST meet the following criteria...

1. You MUST be an active member of PPC which means that you MUST have posted at least 50 times

Yeap, it's that easy...

Once you have posted 50 times, leave your email address here in this thread so that we can send you the tube and your license number.

Please remember that you MUST follow the group commission rules listed HERE

** Please note that we do monitor posting and will know if you are being an active member or if you are just posting to get your count up. ** 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Time for a Change Contest

Yeap, you heard right... it's time for a few changes on the tut site!!!

There are some of the older tutorials that I just don't like quite how the tag turned out, the copyrights need to be updated and there are some old artists that aren't affiliated with a licensing company or even FTU anymore, so I would like to redo those tutorials with all new tags.

Rules are as follows...

1. You MUST follow the tutorial EXACTLY as it is written, but you do NOT have to use the same artist.

2. You MUST use all the same SUPPLIES, but again you do NOT have to use the same artist.

3. You MUST change the artist tube IF they were PTU and no longer affiliated with a licensing company. (Example: Fedx2k7)

4. Remember to follow ALL your TOU's and that you are copyright compliant!

5. All entries should be either .jpg, .gif or .png format

6. As many entries as you like are possible... you can do one tut or all of them, it's totally up to you!!!

7. Please submit all entries to mindy_mae@psp-party.com

Everyone is welcome to enter this contest...

All entries due by midnight (central) February 28...

Here is the list of the tutorials that need to be changed...
http://www.psp-party.com and ALL the tuts are in alphabetical order...

A Pirate's Life
All This n Brains Too
Be Aware
Be Creative

Blue Angel
Dare to Be
Denim and Daisies
Faery Wings
Fairy Birthday
Fantasy Forum Set
Friendship Mermaid
Fuck You
Halloween Spiral
Happy July 4th
Hot Momma
Hotter than You
I Remember
It's a Spring Thing
I've Got a Spell on You
Kiss My Ass
Let's Go for a Swim
Let it Snow
Life is Sweet
Magazine Cover - preferrably do one with PSP Party Central as the title
On the Edge
On Your Mind
Pirate Fun
Pretty in Punk
Rac Stalker
Rac Stalker 2
Season's Greetings
Show Your Support
Snowflake Dreams
Spring Break
Spring Punch
Stalkers Christmas
Stalkers Halloween
Strike a Pose
Sugar Sweet
Sweet Kisses
Sweet n Sassy
Valentine's Day


I will pick my favorite tag for each tutorial and upload it to the website!

A Few Last Little Notes

The artist is the ONLY thing you are allowed to change.

If there is anything misspelled or missing,
If you did not follow the instructions,
or if you do not have a copyright compliant tag with the proper credits,
You will be disqualified and your entry deleted!!!

If your entry is deleted or you catch a mistake before the contest is over, you may resubmit it with any corrections!

So now... let's get creative!!!


Illustration store PicsForDesign.com

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If you do one of the tutorials on the Party website, please send your results to us by email at the address below

PSP Party Staff

We would love to be able to show it off here on the blog!

Thanks in advance!

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